DSL Rate

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sat Dec 23 22:33:15 2000

Hmmm . . . that's interesting, to be sure. I'm not the one who asked, BTW,
and I don't know where you are, of course, but the DSL throught Qwest here
is 19.95 for a 640Kbps albeit time-limited amount. IIRC, the charge for the
persistent session is about $10 more, so that lines up with what you're
being charged. It looks, overall that if you're paying too much at all it's
likely at the ISP, but by $5 at most. The data rate puzzles me, though,
since I get 640Kbps down and 272 up, of which the only reduction in poor
weather is the down-rate, which falls off to 512 K. Perhaps that will
change over time.

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> I just figured out that someone asked me how much I was paying for my DSL
> from Qwest. Forgive me, but I can't find who the original poster was.
> Anyway: Base rate for the line is $29.95/mo. Round to $30.
> Add to that $35/mo for Qwest.net (the ISP) to be the host. Includes web
> space (which I no longer use) and mailboxes (which I won't be using much
> longer).
> Finally, tack on $15/mo for a private block of eight static IP's. Three
> are reserved to be the network, gateway, and broadcast addresses for my
> subnet (I'm subnetted off a class A block), and five are user-definable,
> function-wise. Subtract one more for the router interface, and that leaves
> me four usable.
> Total: A little under $80/month for everything, and that includes a
> guaranteed data rate of 256K down (I get 384 during rainy weather, and
> during dry), and 272K up.
> If anyone knows of another ISP that can give me my own subnet for
> $50/month or less, and equivalent bandwidth, please say so. ;-)
> Hope that helps.
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