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From: wanderer <quapla_at_xs4all.nl>
Date: Sun Dec 24 06:57:30 2000

Another question to ask, I got an Unibus SCSI card, and I know that
it can be configured as either a tape controller or a disk controller.
Currently it is configured as a disk controller, but I would like
to know which switch settings change it into a tape controller.

There is are 2 switch banks on the card, one with 10 switches, and
one with 4 switches, which is placed at the top. Furthermore, there
are 4 jumpers which can be set/removed.

BTW, the card is an Emulex UC17.

It works perfectly, yesterday I did build RSX 4.6 onto an Iomega
jazz drive. It only uses 600Mb out of the 1Gb though.



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