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Date: Sun Dec 24 17:14:37 2000

Just got in several pen based computers. They all seem to date from about
1995 so they are Off Topic but this is the best collectors group out there
for information

One is a Kalidor K2000, a very nice small ruggedized computer. I love it.
This one doesn't have its power supply so I have yet to get it to power up.
Does anyone know if the power connector is center positive or negative? It
says it needs DC 15V, 1.3A.
Any Websites? Software out there? I guess the company is out of business.
Does anyone know what happened to it. Who might have bought it.

There is also a Norand Pen*Key 6600 Windows that seems to be related to
Intermec, the bar code people. This one had it's charging base and powers up
as a DOS device. I couldn't find anything out about it but that there are new
versions 6642 still avaliable..This was in Intermec's site. Any others?
Software? It dates to 96 and I think has a i80486 for the processor.

There is also a Dauphin with a broken glass, maybe display. I haven't looked
at it yet. I found the Dauphin parts site.

The fourth was a Grid 2260 that I also have powered up. It is a little rough
but works. Boots to the password. Does anyone know how to get past it without
a boot diskette. I haven't looked yet for websites but I think Grid stuff
will be easier to find.

My Surplus dealer actually got in about 4 Grids, I just brought one of them
home to look at. I don't know what the others are but I suspect the same.

Since this is OT please contact me off line unless it is info that all would
be interested in.

Thanks for the help.
Portland, OR
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