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From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Mon Dec 25 10:48:28 2000

> At 09:59 AM 12/25/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >I do still have an original floppy containing a DOS client for AOL, and
> >something a little earlier- AOL either used to call their server PC-LINK
> >or PC-LINK was a seperate service offered by AOL to users of Tandy's
> >DeskMate software.
> AOL started out as Quantum Link or Q-Link and was for Commodore computers.
> I still have the original BETA software on 5-1/4 for my VIC-20.

Now that would be something to see! Ever considered turning it into a D64?
I'd be happy to help you convert it.

I've got about a million QLink clientdisks myself. Somewhere else I think I
have PlayNet, which was one of the services Steve Case absorbed to form the
"modern" QLink. Still haven't forgiven him for leaving Commodore users high
and dry. >:-/

Merry Christmas, all,
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