Altos 580 needs a good home

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Wed Dec 27 14:40:11 2000

Hello all,

I have an Altos 580, but no docs or software for it. Someone sent me floppy
boot disk images, but I could not get them to work (likely some mistake on
my end). Upon power up, the floppy light goes on, and never goes off. It's
hard to tell if the floppy motor is spinning. The hard drive definitely
spins up, and sounds fine. A terminal connected to any port on the back
never shows any output. I have no idea if the thing is broken, and without
docs, I don't have the time or inclination to find out...

The unit is the "squashed hexagon" shape, with one internal 5.25" floppy,
and an internal 5.25" hard drive. Five serial ports on the back, labeled JA
through JE. Also other ports for what looks like an external hard drive....

I took the covers off, and aside from quite a bit of dust, there is no
damage. No apparent heat spots, missing chips, etc. It's possible the
floppy is just dust-clogged, but I haven't had time recently to clean it all

If you want it, it's yours for what I have into it: US $20 plus shipping
costs. The unit is fairly heavy, so it might get expensive, depending on
where you are (I am located in north central Massachusetts, USA)... I am
willing to ship worldwide, and will quote shipping to anyone who is
interested. I am also willing to part it out, but will give first
preference to someone who wants the whole thing.


Rich B.

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