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Subject: Kaypro 4/software for sale

I have heard about you from computer museums who
were kind enough to respond to my message:

I purchased a new Kaypro 4 system around 1983/84
while getting my 2nd college degree; I am ready to

sell it with original software and some manuals.
The computer has a modem port and includes a power

cable. There is also a Kaypro printer and
connection cord; the printer is usable (I'm using
it now to print off files before selling the
computer) but not in as good shape as the
computer. The printer takes ribbons that fit the
old IBM Selectric typewriters. There is an
unopened box of floppy disks and a few other blank

disks. Please let me know if you are interested
in this historic computer system, and at what
price. If you are not interested, I would welcome

suggested other buyers to contact.

The software consists of several floppy disks in
hard cases and includes:
    CP/M version 2.2, S-Basic
    Perfect Calc - Program/lessons
    Microsoft Basic-80 (plus selected games)
    Perfect Filer Working Diskette- Individual
Member Data Base
    Perfect Writer/Perfect Speller Working Diskete

- Edit Disk
    Perfect Writer - Installation Disk \
    Perfect Writer - Lessons Disk
    A public domain utilites disk with a program
called "TYPWRYT" which allows
            use of the keyboard like a typewriter
    and the following MASTER disks:
        Wordstar, The Word Plus
        Perfect Filer - Individual Member Data
        Perfect Calc - Program/Lessons
        CP/M v. 2.2, S-Basic
        MicroPlan, C-Basic
        Microsoft Basic-80
        Perfect Writer - Lessons Disk
        Perfect Speller
        Perfect Writer - Installation Disk

The manuals include:
        Perfect Calc
        Perfect Filer
        and small handbooks:
            Kapro The Word Plus
            Letter Quality Printer User's Manual
            Introduction to Software
            Kaypro User's Guide (Read Me First)
The above manuals are all the Kaypro
publications. In addition, I have the following:
        Understanding and Using dBase II by Rob
Krumm, Brady Communications
        Company, Inc., copyright 1984 (ISBN

Thank you.
Ronnee-Sue Helzner, Utah

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