Testing 72-pin SIMMs

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Date: Thu Dec 28 08:29:50 2000

I know everyone is going to say 'yeah right', but for the last seven years
as a professional tech, I've used an os/2 box to test ram. Warp won't
tolerate bad memory at all and so reveals it rather quickly. This way
I've even exposed bad memory that tested out as good in our simm checker.
If the ram is bad, your machine will trap HARD. Since it is warp, you
know it can't be anything other than the ram you just stuck in.

I suspect any really solid multitasking operating system should do the
trick. I usually install less ram on the warp tester machine than is
needed which makes certain things are trucking along. If I had four 64mb
dimms to check, I'd check them one at a time on benchbox. Benchbox has
about 133mb ram requirement under normal use. 64mb of ram will give your
dimm a real workout.

Windows is a lousy testbed because you almost never know when its going to
crash next. Makes it tough to categoricly say that this 256mb dimm is
bad.... Esp. as 9x can't use that much ram as much more than a virtual


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