Testing 72-pin SIMMs

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Thu Dec 28 09:12:48 2000

> I've never found a bullet-proof program for testing SIMMs under DOS or
> windows, so I keep a hard drive loaded up with Win95. If the system boots

> and I can run defrag (it being memory-intensive) then I ssume the SIMM is
> okay barring any heat-related problems which may only show up after the
> gets hot.
> Anybody know of one?

I have a one, designed by Charles (?) Cook, and first
implemented by John Molnar, which I've reimplemented
for the Sol, some Z-80-based machines, and the 8051
embedded systems I've developed. But I never got around
to porting it to DOS...

Our Dell servers shipped with a program called "Dell
Diagnostics" which includes a comprehensive memory
test that can check for stuck bits, shorts between
address bits, short between address and data bits,

It complains when I run it on non-Dell equipment,
but usually works, and it's so far caught problems
nothing else would catch.

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