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From: Claude <claudew_at_sprint.ca>
Date: Thu Dec 28 19:26:30 2000

ajp166 wrote:
> Need any suggestions on repair of a PC monitor (SVGA).
> It's a Dell and was working though it had a long warmup to full
> intensity. Anyhow I turned it off and now it just chirps when
> I turn it on. Before I bin it I'd like to see if its fixable... Ideas?

Component slowly going bad...perhaps a capacitor. Or just tube going
weak and now something different...chirps usually mean a short in switch
mode power supply - tries to start and stops because of to much current
being drawn...again and again....chirp...chirp...chirp...

If you are not scared of HV, you might wanna open it up, look around
carefully for swollen. leaky or discolored capacitors or exploded
components.... You might see something obvious. If not, well...unless
you have experience in fixing monitors...it will be tough...

Most monitors have slow HV discharge. If not use proper HV discharge

Search the net for that model no...some sites have repair briefs that
talk about common problems for certain models...


> I generally dont do monitors and TVs because of the HV, dust and
> abundance of sharp edges.

I almost always blow compressed air into anything I fix when I open it
up - that includes most of the vintage systems I restore/fix/collect.


> Allison
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