From: ajp166 <>
Date: Fri Dec 29 12:26:29 2000

>I recently picked up a Fujitsu M2266SA HDD. This is a 1M SCSI
5 1/2 " drive with a black bezel like the IBM-PC MFM drives and

Ah thats 10mb if memory serves.

>will fit in the same space. The vendor said it was SCSI-1 but
TheRef says it is SCSI-2 and Fujitsu doesn't say.

Difference is max data rate and some higher level commands
added. SCSI-II is backward compatable.

>I have a heavily modified PC(5150) with an Intel 386 Onboard card
as Allison has on her Leading Edge 8086 (BTW, I have a lead
>ajp < to someone that has the mem-expander daughter card)

It's an Inboard386... a meg or memory for that would be great
if possible.

>However I have no info on whether it would be possible to add a
SCSI card to an IBM-PC. I have an Adaptec 1522A ISA SCSI card
and likely others in my card box. Was there a SCSI card for the
PC ? If so, would this possibly, with this configuration, allow you to

It's doable, the only reason SCSI was not commonplace in PCs
the was the significantly greater cost at the time. Also back then
PCs could barely enjoy the potential performance advantage.

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