VAX 6000-510 for sale/trade in Central CA

From: Miller Scott Contr 30CS/FTI <>
Date: Fri Dec 29 12:58:55 2000

I acquired this beast from a multinational mining corporation that had used
it up until four or five years ago, at which point it was shut down and left
in the climate-controlled computer room. I believe some of the RAM was
leased and was returned, but other than that the machine was apparently in
operating condition. Unfortunately, it was on the second floor of the
building, and without renting a crane the only way to get it out was to
disassemble the entire thing and haul it by hand down three flights of
stairs. Since then, it's been mostly reassembled (all of the parts are in
place but not connected) and has been sitting in my garage. It's been there
for a few months, and I'm still not sure when if ever I'll have a chance to
really work on it (and I've also got this dream of someday being able to
park a car in my garage!) so I'm putting this message out to see if there's
someone out there who could give the machine a better home. I got it for
free (not counting the doctor's bill for spraining my wrist carrying
RA-92's) but I put a considerable amount of effort into moving it (and
moving it again when I moved), and in getting the company to give it to me
in the first place. Also, I've had offers from parts resellers for enough
money that I'd rather not just give it away, but I'd rather see it put to
good use than broken up for parts. So if you're interested, make me an
offer - I'll consider cash, Alpha or PC equipment, SCUBA gear, or anything
interesting that takes up less garage space than a minicomputer. =]



T2053-CL (qty 2)
DCMSSB-01533 (Clearpoint)

SA-850 storage system with 4 RA92's and another drive of a type I forget at
the moment.

I've also got lots of misc. parts including TK50's, an InfoServer 100, and a
couple of MicroVAX II's with the following parts:

DELQA (qty 2)
DHV11 (qty 2)
Grant Continuity Card (qty 2)
M7546 (qty 2)
M7609 (qty 2)
M7606 (qty 2)
CMX-831 (Camintonn 8MB card) (qty 2)

I've got a couple of VAXstation 3100's that I'd rather not part with but
might consider as part of a trade.

This is a pretty quick inventory of the system - if anyone's interested I
can provide more pictures and details of parts. As for transportation, I'd
imagine it would cost a lot to get this thing shipped anywhere, but when I
moved across town I was able to move it pretty easily with only two people
(one to offload) using a fairly cheap rental truck with a hydraulic lift.
If you're anywhere within driving distance of California's central coast,
that'd probably be the easiest way to go.

Scott Miller
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