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From: David Gesswein <djg_at_drs-esg.com>
Date: Fri Dec 29 14:46:48 2000

>From: pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com (Pete Turnbull)
>Um, by your numbering scheme, 7 and 8 are H and J, not E and F.

>> 40 pin connector is numbered
>> 1 (A) 39 (UU)
>> 2 (B) 40 (VV)
>ObNitpick: That's the reverse of the conventional numbering; Berg
>connectors with letters have the red stripe at the A end, which is on the
>left of the pin header (looking into the pins) while all other headers
>which are numbered have pin 1 on the right.

Yup, how about
Looking into pins of 40 pin male connector numbering is

2 (A) 40 (UU)
1 (B) 39 (VU)

I think both the numbers are letters were otherwise correct, just the
summary diagram was wrong.

I have put this information on my search page,

I also added the VT78 to RX01/RX02 cable pinout

This is the VT78 to RX01/RX02 BC80D-5K cable pinout (from buzzing out mine)

Pins 1-9 of the DB25 go to pins 1-9 of the DB37
Pins 14-23 of the DB25 go to pins 20-28 of the DB37
Pin 25 of the DB25 is attached to the cable shield which is grounded
at the other end with a wire to one of the mounting screw on the DB37.

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