Memtest86, then HD won't boot.

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Date: Fri Dec 29 15:22:12 2000


> I have to wait for the HD to time out, then I can go into setup, which I
> did selecting load defaults and reseting the configuration. No change.

When you're in that setup, did it report that hd exists. If not,
it's dead or poorly hooked up? Some hds won't answer till onboard
microcontroller makes few test seeks. If can't do that, it stays
mute to the outside world.

> Booting from a W98 floppy, scandisk doesn't see a drive and I haven't been
> willing to mess with it much via fdisk.

I test to make sure hd is not totally gone if the bios detects the hd
then run that fdisk. if it sees it, hit 4. Data and partitions still
there? Good, then I'd redo the mbr w/ fdisk/mbr and make sure
bootable partition is active.
> Like I said, not really a call for help, just a this is what I did and
> where it got me, so be carefull with memtest86.

I think your hd is WD by chance? That what a bad WD does. Click
clack click clack.

Oh, wasn't that download was scanned for viruses/tojans?


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