Memtest86, then HD won't boot.

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Date: Fri Dec 29 23:01:34 2000

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> Like I said, not really a call for help, just a this is what I did and
> where it got me, so be carefull with memtest86.

I downloaded and ran Memtest86 on my Cel 500 w/144 MB SDRAM. The memory
passed and the machine suffered no harm.

As Sellam and Wizard suggested, it was probably just a coincidence that your
hdd croaked after running this program.

Also, your mention that it took you 3 attempts to create the bootable disk
suggests that your download may have been faulty. If the code was damaged
during transmission then it's possible that running the program could have
caused trash to be written to the hdd. Or maybe your fdd is flaky and the
boot disk wasn't right.

A bummer, at any rate :>(

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