Zenith laptop

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_look.ca>
Date: Sat Dec 30 16:00:47 2000

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> I have just acquired a Zenith Data Systems laptop, model number =
> ZFL-184-01. It appears to be working ok but I have no software for it.
> = It has two low density floppy drives, A and B, but will not boot to
> a = Dos disk so I presume it requires some machine-specific software.
> If = anyone out there can put me in touch with a website where I can
> download = such software I would be very grateful. I specialise in
> keeping old = machines running but this one has me beat.
> Thanks
> John Malcolm (in Greece)

 I have a ZFA-161 which is a luggable box. Mine has a nice little
monitor program in ROM and I imagine yours does as well. Try
 It should work with an early Dos version but possibly has some
additional config. because it's a laptop. ISTR there was someone
else on the list with one. You might check the archives.
 While there is considerable info and programs for the Z-100
systems there's not much on the PC clones.

ciao larry

too much

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