It had to happen sometime

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Sat Dec 30 15:39:11 2000

On December 29, Marvin wrote:
> I was looking at the Heath Listserver messages and here is the URL of a
> disassembled Heathkit "kit" selling on Ebay. Current price (someone has too
> much money on their hands) is $103.50. The URL is:
> The next thing will most likely be similar computer "kits". There was a
> discussion on the Heath listserver about this unit and Chuck Pension spoke
> about this type of activity being another cottage industry. Anyone
> interested in a disassembled Heathkit H-89, or H-11, or ... :).

  I thought you had to be smoking crack or something, Marvin; nobody
would actuall *do* something like this...but I just looked at the
auction. It's true.

  Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  Why do we have to stop at things that were originally kits? I can
see it now: "DEC PDP-11/34a KIT! L_at__at_K! RARE!!"

  Better start buying stock in ChemWik!

          -Dave McGuire
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