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From: ajp166 <ajp166_at_bellatlantic.net>
Date: Sat Dec 30 18:25:59 2000

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>

>> Doesn't even have an IEC cord set, strictly domestic. mains come in

Not really, domestic low cost version. saves a bit of money.

>> Don't have to tell me. I've been kicked mor than once by Oscope
>Yes, I know _you_ know, but this is a public list, and not everyone here
>is used to working on high voltage stuff...

True. I take it quite seriously. I was almost Blue Crossed 25 years ago
when someone tried to help me while working on a 500W (output!) VHF
commercial set. The turkey was thouching me when he reached into the
plate compartment. We both flew about 12-15ft and he left via ambulence
and if the combined shock and flight didn't hurt him I was going to. I
in some pain for days afterwards.

>> No, most monitors these days can stand up without the cover and
> ^^^
> can't ?

Cant! confounded editor on this MS box like to go from insert to
overstrike, very annoying.

>True. It's often best to put them screen-down to work on them (and
>certainly when removing or refitting the case). Trying to run them
>way up' with the case removed is a bad idea most of the time.

that's the problem. though I do have a small carpet square to keep
from scratching the screen.

>In the UK, almost all the circuity in a monitor (and most TVs for that
>matter) is isolated from the power line. There's a 'hot' SMPSU, of
>course, but the flyback, video circuitry, etc are all isolated by the
>chopper transformer.

True in this case but many TVs are not. I have a color set I have
to look at (color skewed to red) that is very unsafe... isolation Xfmer

>I've heard that a lot more of the electronics in US TVs is 'hot'
>(compared to what I am used to) -- surely that's not true of monitors as


>That doesn't necessarily mean the capacitors are still good.
>not with the cheap components used in consumer electronics. I'd be more
>inclined to trust a 20-year-old capacitor from an HP or Tektronix
>instrument than a 5-year-old one from a PC monitor.

No arguement. We retired a leader LBO505 Oscope as unstable calibration
due to bad caps yet the Tek 316 is still going strong and in calibration!

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