Heath H-101-20, more info

From: Jay West <west_at_tseinc.com>
Date: Sat Dec 30 18:19:27 2000

Since someone spoke up right away, I went and got that heath system. I've
already contacted the first person who responded with shipping details.
However, in case others are interested in info on what the system was....

It does appear to be an S-100 system. I'm not qualified to say that since I
am not into S100 stuff, but the cards inside it have 50 pins per side, and
it looks like the pics I've seen of S100 stuff.

Cards inside the system: ADS Promblaster II (Ackerman Digital Systems). This
card has a ribbon cable exiting the system.... I assume it went to the
actual shoebox case that you put the proms in. That box is nowhere to be
found. Then theres a Winchester Disk Controller, which goes to an internal
Rodime RO204 drive, and a Floppy disk controller with goes to a 5.25 floppy.

The keyboard is missing the F12 key, and there is indeed a composite video
out rca jack. Right beneath it is a DB9F, from a quick look at the cable
internal I'm guessing it is mono out. There's also about 20 punchouts on the
back... J1 through J18, plus a wide slot at the top for cables to exit. Some
of the silver metal parts of the case inside look a small bit oxidized
(weather?). It's not in particularly great shape, but I would say that if I
found an HP1000 in this shape, I'd be quite happy to restore it. I have 3
pics of the unit (about 18k each) if anyone wants them via email (I'm too
lazy to put them on the web) let me know.

And when I went to pick it up, the store had put a price tag on it. It was
$5.00. What a refreshing change from epay :) Now if anyone is walking
through THEIR surplus haunts and finds any HP1000 cpus or HP 7900/7906
drives... let me know <GRIN>

Jay West
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