Another unknown system available in St. Louis

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sat Dec 30 20:28:19 2000

I almost forgot to tell the list about this one.... if anyone wants it, it's
theirs. I'll pick it up and facillitate shipping, or you can come to st.
louis and go to the store and grab it yourself.

At another electronics surplus store in st. louis....this appears to be a
cpu only, could be a cpu and disk drive. 19" rackmount, brushed aluminum
type front panel. The brand says "Bruker" on it. There's a row of lights for
IRQ (6-0), a row of lights for pending IRQ (6-0), lights for diskr, diskw,
ION, RUN, POWER. There's two LED displays in the upper right corner, one for
the PC and one for the Accumulator. Bottom right is a keyswitch. In the
center are pad switches with embedded led's for things like single step,
examine, store, etc. Then above that and in the center is a set of
thumbwheels... they all were set at zeros, and I don't recall how many of
them there was, maybe 12 or so... just on appearances and a walkaround
without touching it I wouldn't be suprised if it was a core machine.

It's high on a shelf in the storage area, they won't want to get it down
unless I'm serious about buying it - it looks heavy. There's no price on it,
but from past experience at this place I'm figuring the owner would ask
about $35 bucks for it. The general outward construction and appearance
looks very similar to the nicolet model 80 that I got there a while back and
was (ISTR) shown at the last VCF.

I've never heard of a "bruker" computer... I'm not interested in this system
for myself, but for intellectual reasons I'm a bit curious if anyone has
heard of this system and could tell a little bit about it. If anyone wants
it, contact me off list.

Jay West
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