Looking at Thomson MO5 PAL video output and MO5 connector pinouts

From: Claude <claudew_at_sprint.ca>
Date: Sat Dec 30 23:17:13 2000

Iggy Drougge wrote:

> > I have one of these Thomson MO5' now in my collection.

> > I know it's a PAL video output.
> Are you certain it's not SECAM? I haven't heard of this machine being
> sold outside of France.

Well, now I guess it could be SECAM...dont know really...

> > Would like to know where does the PAL video come out of...
> >
> > Anybody have a simple suggestion for looking at PAL video signals?


I have a Thomson 4120 (just remembered...), I have seen posts on the net
that it supports PAL...4 position switch in front of unit...just says 1
2 3 4 on top of switch positions and of course I dont have the manual...

> > Also would like the pinout for the odd connector coming out of the
> > unit...
> Is it a 21-pin SCART/P?ritel connector? In that case, I'd suggest
> extracting RGB signals from it. Then you won't have to worry about TV
> standards. Of course, you need an RGB monitor, but any micro collector has
> several, right?
> Hmm, looking at http://www.computingmuseum.com/museum/mo5.htm , it seems
> that there was indeed a model for export to the rest of Europe. I suppose
> this one does indeed supply a PAL signal. This model, the MO5E, had a
> mechanical keyboard, too.

Nope, mine is a MO5 not a MO5E...nice chicklet/rubber keys...

I heard the MO5's and similar were part of a French Goverment backed
"computers in school program" that was a disaster...We had a similar
experience in Quebec where the goverment bought a ton of IBM compatibles
for schools (cant remember the name now) that were costly and like 50%
IBM compatible...


> Ooh, this page is interesting. Here we encounter a so-called QuickDrive, a
> 2,8" floppy format. Could this be the same as the 3" disks?
> According to http://home.debitel.net/user/groener1/comp_025.htm , there
> was also a mechanical keyobard version for the French market, with AZERTY
> keyboard.
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