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From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sun Dec 31 13:34:01 2000

>With such machines, having more than 640K RAM is not that uncommon. I
>have an Apricot with 960K RAM (the remaining 64K in the 1Mbyte address
>space of the 8088 is the video RAM and BIOS EPROMs). And yes, MS-DOS on
>that machine uses all the available RAM.

        TRS-80 Model 2000's can easily be expanded up to 768k, though
I no longer remember exactly how it's version of MS-DOS 2.XX used the
additional memory other than as a RAM disk. On a standard Tandy
machine with Tandy parts, you could have 256k on the mainboard and
two 256k expansion cards in the card chasis. I believe Envision
Designs had a modification that allowed 896k total (256k on the
mainboard and one modified RAM expansion card with 640k on it). The
graphics card didn't share any of the system RAM.

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