What Y2K glitch?

From: Bill Pechter <bpechter_at_monmouth.com>
Date: Sat Jan 1 15:18:10 2000

On Sat, 01 Jan 2000, Bruce Lane wrote:
> Oh, and the MicroVAXen and Sun boxes here, the oldest of which was
> designed and built in 1990, rolled right over to 2000 without a single
> protest.
> Lord above, what a non-event... too bad that people chose to focus their
> energies towards a bunch of hype instead of something worthwhile, like,
> say, a manned mission to Mars.

Yup... I went nuts patching the blasted SunOS 4.1.x boxes (because
management required "Certification" on all hardware and software.
The problems were stuff like troff macro packages that didn't get date/time
headers right. Real critical stuff, eh.

Well, I wish I could've stayed with the old stuff. The Suns worked. The
biggest problem I had was the time I spent patching Windows boxes.

It took 5 times the overtime patching the Win95/98/NT stuff than any of
the Sun stuff. The Suns were easy. Apply patch to one Sun of each
architecture under SunOS 4.1.4, make tar patch. Untar over machine to
install new kernel and all the patches.

The PC's were much worse.

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