Getting a good job

From: Gary Hildebrand <>
Date: Sat Jul 1 05:46:42 2000

Hello Mike

On 30-Jun-00, you wrote:

>>> I love pointing out to employers that the primary skill of a Phd is the
>>> ability to stretch a simple project out to two years, and make it "seem"
>>> reasonable to the boss.
>> That's funny, cause here we see the primary skill of a PhD as taking an
>> impossible task and managing to get two monkeys and an engineer who
> Interesting point of view. I personally see no correllation with a Phd,
> the skill sets you describe.

Don't we all know what BS, MS and PhD really means:

Bull ____, more ____, and Piled higher and deeper.

Getting the job isn't what you know, but how you can sell yourself and your
ideas, no matter how half-baked they may be.

Gary Hildebrand
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