How electronic equipment really works (was: Your dream computer room.)

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Sat Jul 1 20:10:09 2000

On Sat, 1 Jul 2000, allisonp wrote:
> Besides all this electrons and holes stuff is bull. Anyone who has
> worked
> with electrical or electronics knows smoke is the powering force. The
> proof
> is when the smoke escapes, equipment stops working. ;)

Yes, that's how it appears; however, I'll tell you the secret about
the real powering force: somewhat dry air of the right temperature.
That's right, change the moisture content or fiddle too much with
temperature, and then the smoke that moves through the air powering
the circuitry at the lowest level will escape, as could some fire,
which is fueled by the air and the carbon in resistors.

I'd also tell the secret of why circuitry overheats when those
electrons get a little too busy doing their thing, and how the term
thermal runaway really originated, but there are ladies present.

R. D. Davis             
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