Duplicating an RSX-11M+ system disk.

From: wanderer <wanderer_at_bos.nl>
Date: Sun Jul 2 10:06:48 2000

Hello All,

I have a bit of a weird problem, I'm trying to make a 2nd bootable
system disk containig RSX-11M+.

I have an 11/83 with 2 RD53's and 1 RD54, and the system is on one
of the RD53's. I booted [6,54]brusys.sys and then used DSC to copy
the contents to the 2nd RD53. DSC did not report any error.
Then when trying to boot du2 (the 2nd RD53), nothing happens besides
a number of retries to access the boot information.

DSC is supposed to copy the boot information as well as the data,
so I'm wondering what I do wrong.



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