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From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Mon Jul 3 09:36:08 2000

At 05:55 PM 7/2/00 +0100, Tony wrote:
>> 2) Any software about?
>Most HP software came on ROM modules that plug into a ROM Drawer,

    I wouldn't say *most* software came on ROMs. There were a lot of ROMs
for it but they usually included low level routines for handling plotters,
printers, special I/O, matrix routines and the like. There is/was TONS of
software for the HP 85, including Training Paks and Solutions books. There
was also a lot of software availble directly from HP that they wrote to
control various HP test equipment.

>There are a few interesting ROMs for this machine. Many of them are
>'system extensions', like I/O drivers, Plotter functions, Mass Storage
>functions (you can use HPIB disk and tape drives with it if you have an
>HPIB card), etc. There was certainly also an assembler ROM, but I've
>never managed to get that one.

   There are a number of other interfaces for the 85. There are both DCE
and DTE RS-232 interfaces, a GPIO (General Purpose I/O with 16 parallel
lines that can be used as input or output or both) and a HP-IL interface.
There's also a plug-in MODEM for it.

   Probably the strangest plug-in is the CPM module. It has it's own Z-80
CPU and 64k of memory. I just got one but I don't have a manual for it and
I haven't had time to experiment with it. (Does anyone have a manaul for it?)


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