HP 85 stuff

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Mon Jul 3 22:39:24 2000

At 04:48 PM 7/3/00 -0700, Wayne wrote:
>> >HP85s with an HPIB interface and a mass storage ROM
>(IIRC) can support
>> >floppy drives. If you have this sort of set-up, it's
>worth copying any
>> >tapes you find onto floppies.
>> That's been one of my long term projects. Does
>anyone have a tapes that
>> I'll donate so that I can copy them?
>Some of the HP 85 software came on diskettes. My HP
>Regression Analysis Pac has 5 1/4 inch diskettes for
>the HP 83, 85 and 87, which is a good thing since the
>oxide on the tape is so deteriorated that the tape
>won't read. I'll teledisk the files to anyone who's
>interested, subject to the usual copyright disclaimers.

   I'm intereted. But I don't know if Teledisk will work on the HP 8x
disks. I THINK it will but I've never tried it.

>I'd like to get the RA Pac copied onto a usable tape,
>so if anyone's willing, I'll send a blank tape and a
>diskette for copying.

   I can try to make a tape copy for you if you're not in a hurry. I don't
know when I'll have time to set everything up for disk/tape copying again
but I need to do it soon. I've got a pile of stuff to transfer.

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