New find: HP 1000 E series

From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Tue Jul 4 22:09:51 2000


Thanks a lot for typing all this. Very interesting

>> Is it possible to at least run some tests
>> and have it output diagnostics to one of the BACI cards?
>I suspect it depends on what loader ROMs are installed in the
>computer. There is a loader ROM that supports booting from
>cartridge tape drives in an attached 264X terminal.

Ok, so that means that I'll have to unmount the lowest
pc board in order to take a look at the ROMS.
I had been avoiding that as those two boards are
very dirty and I'll have to clean them up. The machine is
at work, and cleaning it is a water hose/backyard sort of
job; I'll have to transport it home for this; not a nice
prospect, because of all the construction work currently going
on at Cornell - I can't get my car close to the office,
I'll have to carry the beast a good 1/4 mile, uphill :-( .

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