Tim's own version of the Catweasel/Compaticard/whatever

From: Richard Erlacher <richard_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Wed Jul 5 10:39:44 2000

True, but if he's only reading, the present frequency is plenty. The
assumption is that the write precomp on the already-written media is
sufficient. If it's not the data might never have been readable.


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> > I will admit, MFM *does* require at least twice the timing resolution of
> > I once got in a small argument with some other members of this list
> > AC circuit design of MFM vs FM data recovery circuits. IIRC, they were
> > insisting that MFM did come "for free" if you had the frequency response
> > necessary for FM at half the data rate. My point was that it
> > wasn't the max pulse frequency which made life difficult, it was the
> > response (finding where the pulse occured in the window) that was the
> > point.
> Also since precomp ranges from .0625uS to as long as .375uS the ability
> to slice a bit finer is a desireable thing.
> Allison
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