microVAX-II GPX. which monitor

From: Carlos Murillo-Sanchez <cem14_at_cornell.edu>
Date: Wed Jul 5 12:39:03 2000


I have a vaxstation 2000 hooked to a VRM17-AA monitor
which seems to be happy with the signal. The monitor
mode switch is set to "low scan", which, according to


is 1024x768 _at_ 72Hz. I would not be surprised if this
worked on the microvax too.


John Allain wrote:
> Hi,
> This weekend I was playing with a microVAX-II GPX
> and had good luck using a spare console to do
> Some things on it, most esp. booting it up fine.
> However, It seems to be running VMUnix, and I
> probably should get a monitor on to it to see what's
> going on (headless right now). The console seems to
> only control the low-level HW, not the O/S.
> An old Apple mono NTSC monitor sorta-almost could
> display the video, but it was a pretty sad affair.
> Again, anyone out there know what monitor freq & scan
> this guy wants to talk to? Mono BNC on the cable.
> John A.

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