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From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Wed Jul 5 13:01:15 2000

>As Chuck pointed out, maybe the fact that this is quarter-century-old
>technology put together with quarter-century-old construction and design
>techniques makes it less accessible to some of the younger members
>of this list. Maybe the way to make it more accessible to them is to put
>the circuitry on a CPLD, I dunno, I think it's fine as it is.

I'm afraid I don't follow this arguement. I'm far from competent as far as
electronics go. However, this sounds like something I could build with the
most difficult part being digging up the parts (I don't have much faith in
my local Radio Shack).

Of course I'm also not one of the younger members, and I have worked as an
electrician in a past life...

>I suppose there *are* folks who might be interested in using such a device
>who don't know which end of a soldering iron to pick up, but a very valid
>point is that I built this without even touching a soldering iron!

Well, considering I know a guy at work that is totally software, and just
plain scares me when he starts messing with hardware, that is talking about
building a couple projects for his Linux box I don't think that not knowing
which end of a soldering iron is a valid point. Besides as you say, you
didn't touch one to build this.

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