Cipher Streamer / DEC TS05 Tape Drive

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Date: Wed Jul 5 15:42:12 2000

>On my much-older and much-more-clearly-used Cipher on the Prime,
>the rubber pads are fine; on this nearly-new-looking TS05, they
>have lost all firmness and have turned almost to the consistency
>of tree sap. They didn't drip, they weren't that bad; but one
>attempt to load a tape left most of the pads on the inside of the
>tape reel.
>It seems strange for the drive to look so otherwise perfect and
>these items to be mush. Any thoughts?

Storage conditions, especially atmospheric ozone. I spent 6 years
living in LA, and the lifetime of my natural-rubber bike tires there
was measured in months. Foam would either dry up and turn brittle
or go the other way and turn gooey, typically within a couple of
years of manufacture.

Obviously temperature and exposure to UV light/direct sunlight are
factors too.

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