CPS Option Board

From: Richard Erlacher <richard_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Thu Jul 6 00:35:35 2000

I never owned one of these boards, but I think the 48 MHz crystal is there
for reasons other than cost. All the frequencies desirable for processing
FD's fall out of that one if you divide by 3 and by 4.

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> >I'd like to know more about the Central Point board. If it can read
> Since I have one laying on my desk...
> Barely the length of a short ISA slot, with fingers on the end like a
> floppy drive edge connector, as well as a set of header pins for a floppy
> drive cable that goes to the "real" drive. The card is in series with the
> floppy drive cable.
> It has one main chip, about 8051 sized, maybe 60 pins:
> Transcopy 3 c CPS
> TC19GO32AP-0036
> Japan 8819EA! the ! could be just a vertical line.
> There is a 48 mhz crystal, and a 1987 copyright. Two sets of jumpers seem
> to select between PC/XT and AT/Compaq, another set looks like DMA1 or
> Remaining chips are a LS245 to the ISA bus, a 7406 by the PC/XT jumpers,
> and a 8812S UM8326B next to the crystal.
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> My guess is that knowing what the big chip is and does is the only
> the rest could be traced out in a few minutes.
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