Apple Johnathon & Apple Macintosh II: Seperated at birth?

From: Chandra Bajpai <>
Date: Thu Jul 6 20:59:12 2000

I have in my posession one of the few real Mac Clones....It's called
the Jonathan by Akkord Computer out of Taiwan. It's a real clone with
the exception of the Mac ROMs, the hardware was all original and supposed
to get around a lot of the Apple patents. It's a neat little machine, I
met the Akkord guys back in 1990-91.

>From AppleFritter:

"Akkord's Jonathan uses a 68000 housed in a case about the size and shape of
an external HD. It is sold only through European OEMs at a price 30% below
European prices for a Mac Plus and includes a 14" Phillips B&W monitor,
built-in AppleTalk connector, and external and internal SCSI ports. The
company says it plans to enter the U.S. market initially with a $3000 kit
with which purchasers can construct a 12 pound Mac portable by adding a
logic board and the 128k ROMs. This system will be in stores as soon as it
receives FCC certification. A future version of the system will use mac
compatible ROMs that Akkord plans to develop itself.

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I have read something at applefritter that intrigued me: that Apple was
thinking about marketing a system known as the "Johnathon" (Successor the
the Mac, perhaps?). The basic design was very similar to that of an Acorn
RISC PC: You bought the base "module" (What OS that run? Mac OS?) as it was
called, & you could buy additional modules that would allow you to run other
operating systems. Unfortunately, Apple canned this computer because they
thought that everybody would just buy the MS-DOS module.

My question is: Was this the original concept for the Mac II, or is this
something completely diffrent.
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