Xerox DayBreak

From: Rodrigo Ventura <>
Date: Fri Jul 7 04:08:33 2000

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Duell <> writes:

    Tony> I'd probably use a 10125 (ECL-TTL translator) to turn the
    Tony> signals to TTL, then feed the syncs and video (the latter
    Tony> suitably reduced by a potential divider) into a multisync
    Tony> monitor and hope it could lock to it. I don't think many
    Tony> composite monitors are going to work at the sync rates of
    Tony> the D'break, are they?

        No, the D'break sync rates are usually out of the multisync
monitor range. Mine can't sync to VSYNC rates below 58Hz or something,
for instance. But I have not yet tried with older multisync monitors
(damn, I sold my Amiga A3000 monitor...)

    Tony> Kevin Schoedel (?spell) lent me a Daybreak keyboard for an
    Tony> afternoon some months back. During that afternoon, I pulled
    Tony> it to bits, figured out most of the hardware details,
    Tony> powered it up from my bench supply and grabbed the output
    Tony> waveforms. Yes, Kevin did know I was doing this :-)

        That's too great! he he

        I'll get busy as as I return home!

        And it may be fruitful to visit the junkyard this weekend for
good-old multisync monitors.


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