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From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Jul 7 08:33:36 2000

At 10:45 AM 7/6/00 -0400, you wrote:
>> That's probably a DDS (aka "DAT") drive ... at least, that's
>> the only drive
>> I've ever seen built-in to any HP 9000/8x2 or HP 3000/9x2.
>> (It'll be a DDS-1, most likely)
>That's what I suspected but, wasn't sure. I'll get some so that I'll have a
>system backup. Any idea how much data fits on one?
>> How much memory do you have? (The 8x2 and 9x2 could have
>> memory plugged into
>> just about any slots (front or back!).
>One of the systems is configured with 4 X 8MB of memory. The other has 1 X
>32 MB. I also have 8 additional 8MB modules that were pulled from the system
>with the bad CPU. Haven't had a chance to check them out yet.
>Between the two system (and spares), I have 6 HPIB interface cards, 10 I/O
>MUX cards, 9 hard drives, 2 LAN cards, and 2 optical interface cards.
>We also found a short rack of hard drives at the junk dealers place but, I
>didn't get them. I noticed that they had the fibre connectors but, at the
>time didn't realize the computers had fibre interfaces :-(
>I might go back later and get the rack. If it's still there (Joe?)

    Nope, he scrapped it the next day. It's on it's way to China now. :-(
Art has some fiber drives but I don't know if he'll part with them. I'll
probably see him today. If I do I'll ask. Sorry I haven't answered your
messages soooner. We went and picked up three more loads yesterday and I
didn't get back till late. I'll try to pack the CD drive and get it in the
mail today.

   BTW we got a SGI Onyx Reality Engine2 yesterday. It's HUGE!!!!! I'm
taking Bob R. out to look at it this morning.

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