classiccmp list maintenance

From: Jay West <>
Date: Fri Jul 7 14:02:21 2000

Someone wrote....
> Has anyone else who subscribes to the digest version of the list noticed
> it seems to be limited to sending messages of 45K or less?

Over the past few months I've gotten a slightly more than non-trivial amount
of list maintenance questions from various list members. I dealt with most
of them but wanted to point something out...

When the classiccmp list was moved to my server for no-charge hosting, the
previous list maintainer (Derek, I believe) seemed to drop off the face of
the earth. I was left to finish setting up the list and maintained it by
myself, as well as handle the great "reply-to" address debate on my own. I
made a fair number of public and private requests for Derek to appear and
take care of it, but he didn't for several months. Some people on the list
said for me to just take over the daily maintenance of the list for good -
which is no problem, I was and am still happy to do it.

Then Derek suddendly re-appeared months later and wanted to handle all the
list maintenance. I told him I'd be happy to continue to do it but he wanted
it back. So - long story short - please direct all questions pertaining to
the setup, configuration, and maintenance of the classiccmp mailing list to
Derek, the list maintainer.

Of course, if a stray request comes in my mailbox, I'll be happy to deal
with it myself, but I reserve the right to just forward the request to Derek
if I so choose.

Jay West
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