Great Finds

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Fri Jul 7 18:38:59 2000

Steve Robertson <> wrote:
> The find-of-the-day however, was a HP 7980XC 9-track tape drive. Found this
> beauty in a dumpster at one of the junk dealers. It's god a few minor
> scratches on the front cover but, otherwise is in extremely good condition.
> The total asking price 5$. Anyone got spare DOCs for it?

The service manual is still available from HP, and well worth the money.

The 7980 and 88780 are basically the same drive, and the manual covers
both. The 88780 is the OEM version, and is available with SCSI (single-ended
or differential) or Pertec interfaces, while the 7980 has an HP-IB interface.
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