OpenBSD 2.6 on Sparc

From: Jeffrey S. Worley <>
Date: Sat Jul 8 09:53:43 2000

I have a SparcStation 4/330 (sun4 architecture) running OpenBSD 2.6 on a

540mb drive. I have a few questions relating to fleshing out the
original install:

Where do I find descriptions for each package/port?

How do I get PKG_ADD to resolve it's own dependencies? (goes to above
question). I would like to install KDE or Enlightenment or some better
Gui than X11R6.....

I have Solaris 2.4 (sparc) installed on another drive (triple boot
system - netbsd, openbsd, solaris) and so have the libraries the
Compat_sunos manpage says it requires except for LIB5. Do I need a
later version of solaris in order to get the libraries I need to run
solaris dynamicaly linked applications? The mans are not specific
enough for me to get there from here. The goal is to run Netscape for
Solaris 2.4 under OpenBSD 2.6. I've cp'd the libs to the correct dirs
according to the manpage but netscape fails to load with a trap almost
instantly. I have updated my solaris 2.4 for the bind issues relating
to netscape and other apps and those new libs are in place on my obsd
drive in the right place but to no avail.

In particular I would like to know why following the directions in the
manpage results in my solaris 2.4 partition being no longer bootable.
Solaris dies with several errors regarding suchandsuch not being
readable and dies. I only mounted the solaris drive for read to copy
the files and each time I do that the solaris partition won't boot
anymore. My guess is permissions being changed because the solaris
partition is mountable under OpenBSD even after it will no longer boot,

all files are there in the right place and OBSD reports the solaris
partition as clean. What is happening here?

Some equipment info:

sd0 is at 0,0 540mb Openbsd
Sd1 is at 1,0 540mb NetBsd 1.4.2 (gotta use 1.4.1`s miniroot to install

on Sun4!
Sd2 is at 3,0 1004mb Solaris 2.4 (can't boot from cd so I use TomsRTBT
on my klone and dd an image then install from the image'd hard
disk..... Hey, it works.

Video is a CG6 daughtercard on my sparc's mainboard. X runs fine.

I do have a cdrom drive that is not bootable but otherwise runs fine for

all three operating systems.

Thanks for your support. Please reply in e-mail as well as to the

Jeffrey S. Worley
Complete Computer Services Inc.
30 Greenwood Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803
Received on Sat Jul 08 2000 - 09:53:43 BST

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