Apple II keep list

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Sat Jul 8 19:23:47 2000

I have printed off your list and will carry it with me in the van on my
hunting trips.
John Keys
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> Mikes generalized Apple II keep list, kindly correct me for dumb
> Systems
> They have to be pretty nice looking, systems with school ID engraved
> inch high on the front are not desirable.
> Apple II, the orginal machine
> Apple II+, still not too common
> Not the IIe, sorry parts only, too many of them.
> IIgs, not rare, but people still actively use them more than any other
> Look for Woz editions and rom 3.
> IIc, cute and complete systems with monitor still sell for $35 or so.
> IIc+, more powerfull than the IIc, but in some ways less collectible
> idea why), still $45 for a complete system is fairly common.
> Drives (mostly I mean external)
> Any external hard drive, or even case.
> DuoDisk floppy drives (two drives in a box) with cable.
> Unidisk floppy drives
> White IIc drives
> 400k floppy drives
> 1.44 MB floppy drives
> Keyboards
> A9M0330 is the IIgs original keyboard, and VERY popular because it is
> smallest mac keyboard (and its the original.
> Any mac keyboard, I even pile broken ones in a box for parts. This
> from actually paying $169 for one once.
> Mice
> Early DB9 mice, M0100 with the black ball retaining ring is the
> All the mice too.
> Misc
> IIc LCD display
> IIc 9" green monitor AND matching stand.
> Kensington system saver fans.
> Cards and other innerds
> Accelerator boards, Applied Engineering Transwarp about the most
> Fast SCSI cards, much faster, only card that supports removable media.
> Apple Rev C SCSI cards, but much less so than Fast SCSI.
> Workstation cards
> Vulcan hard drive inside power supply
> Focus IDE drive on a card
> Anything curious
> I/O controller cards (for later floppy drives)
> Mouse cards for IIe
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