Apple II keep list

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sun Jul 9 02:41:34 2000

>On Sat, 8 Jul 2000, Mike Ford wrote:
>> The biggest collectors of the IIc are in Japan, and for reasons I don't
>> follow, the IIc seems prefered to the IIc+. US buyers prefer the IIc+, but
>> the number of buyers is a fraction of the machines being sold in Japan.
>I can't think of any logical reason why the //c ould be more popular than
>the //c+ anywhere. The //c+ is so much better than the //c on so many
>Any idea what the deal is?

Well the hard core collectors seem to know "where" many Apple items were
manufactured, and those made in Japan are prized above some others. Not
saying this is the case with the IIc/IIc+. but its something I have had
buyers mention to me.
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