Networking Apple IIc or IIc+

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Jul 10 00:06:37 2000

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> There were three versions of the Apple IIgs: ROM 00, ROM 01, and ROM 03.
> ROM 00 and ROM 01 have the same hardware with a different ROM. The ROM 03
> had different hardware (more memory on the motherboard, for example) and
> you cannot convert an earlier version to a ROM 03.

Looking around on the motherboard - my IIgs has 128K of "Standard Ram", 64K
"Sound RAM", 128K "Fast RAM" an Apple-brand memory card 1/4 full of 256Kx1
chips (256Kb out of 1Mb) and the following stenciled on the ROM - "342-0077B /
M231001-243P 743100 / (C) Apple 78, 81, 83, 86, 87 / (C) Microsoft 77"

Presumably from your comments, the ROM-03 motherboard has more RAM than _that_.

There are two jumpers on the Apple RAM card - J1 and J2; and a jumper on the
motherboard under the power supply - W1.

Oh... per our recent discussions here, the IIgs _does_ have a Z8530 SCC onboard

> A ROM 03 is considered the best if you are going to run GS/OS, the Apple
> IIgs 16-bit native operating system. I am happy with my ROM 01 since I use
> it like an 8-bit Apple IIe.

But what's the difference between ROM 01 and ROM 02? Is it possible to get
either an authentic replacement chip or to locate an image file and burn my



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