Need to snoop in boxes in Silicon Valley

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Tue Jul 11 13:40:54 2000

>On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Mike Ford wrote:
>> >Wierd Stuff (Sunnyvale)
>> <sigh> a retail store. ;)
>> I need pallets and gaylords to poke in. ;)
>They've got pallets. I don't even know what a "gaylord" is but I don't
>think I'd want to go poking around in one of those ;)
>But seriously, you'll like WeirdStuff. It's a retail junk store.

A "gaylord" is the big cardboard box that fits on top of a standard pallet.
Origin of the name is I think from shipping apples, most I see these days
vary between apple and plastic pellet shipping prior to there final usage.
They are fairly standard in bulk material handling.

I always try to stop at WeirdStuff, but it seems more like Fry's each trip.
I like to find the smaller "feeder" outfits that typically supply the
retail stores with the better goods, and scrap the rest. Takes time though,
dig through the boxes one place, meet another digger and swap sites. Some
of my best tips come from talking (arm twisting) people I meet at various
junk spots. Lots of the time you have to be REALLY patient, and learn to
fill in the gaps like in a game of clue.
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