Need U.S. source for belt for Amstrad PCW8256 3" drive

From: Bill Dawson <>
Date: Tue Jul 11 15:40:14 2000

Here's the dimensions of the needed belt:

72mm (diameter) x 3mm x 0.5mm

also acceptable:

71.0mm (diameter) x 2.8mm x 0.6mm or 69-72mm x 3-4mm x 0.5-0.6mm

And here is an acceptable substitute, which is now installed:

Projector-Recorder Belt Corp. PRB Line part # FRW 9.1 (which is 9.1 inch
_circumference_)or FRW 231mm (the same belt with the circumference in

It does fit tight enough to work well, and yes, I got this at the local
VCR repair shop. Thanks to all for this suggestion.

-> > Anyone have an expansion interface or at least some info on the I/F
connector pins?
-> I have an interface, but not a _spare_ interface, if you see what I
mean :-).

Yes, I see. If you do come across another one, since I understand that
these units were more popular on your side of the pond, please keep me
in mind.

-> I don't have a schematic of it, though (although from what I
-> remember, it was all standard chips -- a Z80-SIO, etc).
-> The pinout of the 50 pin connector is :


Thanks for the info, Tony.


Bill Dawson
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