Cubix System... Anyone know the pinout of the Video/Keyboard/Mous e Connector?

From: Corda Albert J DLVA <>
Date: Tue Jul 11 17:12:05 2000

Hi Guys!
        I just came across a Cubix ERS FTII System... I realize that this
may not fit
        under the "10-year" rule, but it is a rather unique system, and I'd
like to try
        to get it going (possibly with NetBSD or Linux). The Cubix site has
most if the
        Info I need, but apparently this system used a single DB25
connector/cable to
        route the video, keyboard and mouse signals to a small breakout box
(which I
        don't have, and the Cubix site doesn't document) Does anyone happen
        know what the pinout of that connector is?

        Also, if anyone has any experience with setting linux up on this
critter, I'd
        love to know about it. The current configuration of the box is:
        3 BC5055 60 Mhz Pentium processors
        1 BC3035 (486?)

        -Thanks in advance...
Received on Tue Jul 11 2000 - 17:12:05 BST

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