HP 85 stuff

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Tue Jul 11 19:00:59 2000

At 07:26 PM 7/11/00 +0100, Tony wrote:
>> Ok, here's a preliminary inspection. The ROM tray and the ROM
>> modules use the pin-and-through hole connection scheme that was
>> used by HP at the time; this type of interconnection between boards
>> can be seen in other HP machines such as the HP97 and the HP75.
>I know them well. Always struck me that they shouldn't work well, but
>they do. They seem to have fewer bad contact problems than many other
>inter-board connectors (is there an HP41 that's _not_ suffered from bad
>contacts at the CPU board-keyboard 'connector'??)

    Not many! The problem with them in that the plastic used for the body
of the "zebra-strip" connector flattens out and takes a set after a period
of time. If you look at the ends you'll see that they're oblong and no
longer round. FWIW I meet the guy that invented these things and the guy
that sold them to HP. They still have a few left and I managed to talk them
out of them. I also got the blue print for the things.

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