PDP 8/I stuff

From: Mike Cruse <mcruse_at_acm.org>
Date: Tue Jul 11 18:54:08 2000

Hi everyone,

I finally take delivery of my PDP 8/I next week. It comes with a couple of
tape drives and a high speed paper tape reader.

I'm am now looking for anything PDP 8/I related including books, paper tapes,
peripherals (especially an ASR33 teletype), mag tapes (TU58 I think),
documents and internal cards.

If anyone has any of this stuff they would like to see preserved in a working
let me know. I will pay resonable prices for this stuff.

Please though, no pointers to things on ebay. I'm tired of the contrived
bloated prices and constant disassembly of machines to generate more cash
for flipchip or core memory wall art.

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