PDP 8/I stuff

From: Mike Cruse <mcruse_at_acm.org>
Date: Tue Jul 11 22:16:45 2000

healyzh_at_aracnet.com wrote:

> > I'm am now looking for anything PDP 8/I related including books, paper tapes,
> > peripherals (especially an ASR33 teletype), mag tapes (TU58 I think),
> > engineering
> > documents and internal cards.
> You don't want TU58 tapes, those are DECtape II's like you'd find on a
> PDP-11 or VAX. They're about the size of a cassette tape, but different and
> a little thicker.
> I believe the right name is TU55/56.
> Congrats on the -8/I BTW.
> Zane

Thanks. Your are right about the tape drives, they are the reel to reel variety
and it
come with two of them. I can't wait until it gets here and to see the neighbors
as I try to get the thing upstairs at my little townhouse.

If anybody ever has to move stuff like this from the Carolinas I found an
company that will pickup, crate, shrink wrap and ship for a pretty good price.

Anybody else out there with and 8/i?

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