Solace: Sol Anachronistic Computer Emulation

From: Jim Battle <>
Date: Tue Jul 11 23:45:55 2000

Like the subject line says --

I've written an emulator for the Sol computer. It is a Win32 application
and should run fine on any pentium-class machine.

It currently doesn't support any disk drives, the cassette port, the serial
or parallel ports. Still, you can do a surprising number of things, especially
since you can "download" programs via a menu (much faster than the
cassette interface!) Yes, you can run TARG, although I haven't yet tried
placing an AM radio next to my computer to listen for the sound effects. :-)

Solace is a work in progress, but it has already seen a fair amount of beta
testing, including some by the list's own Bob Stek (Saver of Lost Sols).

The emulator is quite simple to run, and it doesn't require any nasty
installation procedures, modifications of the registry, etc. Just unzip
it and run.

If you are interested, go check it out (including a screen shot) here:

If you get tired of the programs that come with the ZIP file, download some
more from the Sol archive:

And as long as I'm here, if you have any Sol docs or programs that you
could share with the Sol archive, let me know about it.

Jim Battle ==
Received on Tue Jul 11 2000 - 23:45:55 BST

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