OT: Tektronix 531 oscilloscope available

From: Mike Newman <mike_at_delos.rain.com>
Date: Wed Jul 12 03:27:26 2000

Includes "Scope-Mobile" cart, some plug-in modules, and even a few spare
parts. It worked when I got it but developed what I believed was a high
voltage power supply problem that I never got around to repairing. Now I
need the room more than the 'scope, so I'd like to find someone who can
use it.

Shipping is probably not too practical because of the size and weight, but
if you live within reasonable driving distance of the Portland Oregon area
and are able to come and get it, contact me for directions...
Mike Newman INTERNET: mike_at_delos.rain.com
Aloha, Oregon USA -or- mike.w.newman_at_gte.net
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